Enfield review ENF 4-16×44

Enfield review ENF 4-16×44

Just been trying out my mates .22LR Brno Rifle which he purchased a few months ago plus a silencer  but now he is in the market to get the best accuracy has possible from his Brno rifle, so I pointed him  into the direction of the new boy on the block the super looking ENF 4 – 16 X 44 SF its body tube is not the standard 25mm but is the bigger 30mm and the SF stands for Side-Focus and it comes with aside wheel parallax adjustment which is a good touch the slightly over size parallax  wheel makes parallax adjustment extremely faster when using fingers and when hunting in cold conditions and wearing gloves no-problem at all to get that fast correction on the parallax wheel, it goes down to 25 yards on adjustment, this is a true Long Range Scope with some excellent glass wear fitted and has a very impressive magnification 4 – 16 x 44 SF on testing the Zooming in and out the image was very good and very bright in day light hours and the 16X setting is extremely impressive when taking Long Range shots the targets to appear to sit on the  end of the barrels muzzle plus having the advantage of its excellent Mil-Dot sight system plus the added bonus of a fast focus adjustment ring mounted at the tail end of the scope this will produce a clear sharp eye picture  although no locking ring fitted it does look like a dummy locking ring mind you its a nice modern design  the turrets for elevation and wind-age are quite tall which covers finger friendly adjustment drums and can be adjusted while wearing gloves and the turret covers are made of metal screw on type.

John was sold on my advice about the ENF 4 – 16 X 44 SF scope the following morning he purchased one at his local gun shop then that afternoon back at the farm to set-up his 75 yard Zero extremely pleased and glad to be a happy owner of a top quality and very impressive hunting scope , for some reason he was going to use is old battered  standard 3-9 x 50 no-AO no-Mil-Dot , looks like I saved the day more than one way .


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