Review of the Walther Terrus by Martin Swift

Review of the Walther Terrus by Martin Swift

I live in a rural area surrounded with mature trees and farming land and have recently been inundated with wood pigeons which has prompted me to purchase a new air rifle having sold my last air rifle 25 years ago.

I consulted the Internet & airgun magazines to see what was available, after much researching the Walther Terrus came to the top of my list of candidates.
This became my purchase based on the fact that testers stated it shot well “out of the box” as other guns in this price range shot well once tuned.
I chose the .22 caliber based on using it for pest control and having used .22 in the past. The other selling point that attracted me was the 1/2 inch UNF thread for silencer fitting.
I’ve now had the Terrus for 12 months and it is my only rifle and this is my experience of living with it.
I have now shot over 8000 pellets in all weather conditions and used it for back garden plinking and target practice whilst getting to a standard fit for shooting live quarry. I have also used the gun at my local club where it has out shot other members using guns of 3 and 4 times the value of mine.
I chose a Hawke 3-9 X 40 scope and use the excellent Weirauch silencer which although it makes the gun look very ungainly seems to balance it very well.

Build Quality
The standard of finish on the Terrus is excellent with a rich blue black finish to the barrel which so far has shown no signs of wear or rust.
The stock is a dark tan stained piece of beech made by Minnelli of Italy and is showing no signs of wear or scratch damage.
The trigger in my opinion is excellent, being two stage within a crisp release phase.
The stock and trigger bolts are of the Allen key type which make maintainance easy using a torque wrench so they are never over tight, so no ugly worn screw heads as seen on many other brands of gun.
The two stage trigger has stayed crisp and breaks nice and clean aiding accuracy.
The cocking action has stayed smooth and quiet with no play in the spring loaded detent.
The threaded muzzle has made fitting the silencer easy and although making the barrel long this has had no adverse affect on handling or accuracy, and has given me the opportunity to take a second shot on occasions when I have miss judged the holdover and missed the shot.
The power out put is currently running at 11.3 foot pounds which results in little re-coil just a dull thump on firing.

Pellet Usage
I have tried many different pellets through the gun and can say it is not pellet fussy however it does hate H&N field targets in 5.53.
The three best pellets through the gun are no suprise being JSB exact 5.52, AA Diabolo field 5.52 and the budget choice being RWS Superfield again in 5.52.
Shooting from a standing supported position the Terrus is capable of 1/2 inch groups at 25 meters and the same resting out to 30 meters my limit for hunting. On my local range it will hit spent 12 bore cases out to 50 meters.
Shooting from the elevated position the weight of the gun is centered directly above the shooters fore hand making the balance ideal even with the added weight of the silencer making this type of shot a pleasure.
In a world where you often only get what you pay for it is refreshing to find an exception to this rule as the Terrus has proven to be accurate, consistent and durable making this gun outstanding value for money and a real pleasure to use.

I feel it would make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a spring powered gun in this price range.

Martin Swift

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