I have always wanted to own a Walther rifle because of its build quality and top accuracy Walther Barrel noted to be brilliant. Then after keeping a look out in my local Air Rifle Shop I went in one day and spotted a Walther Terrus on show I instantly loved the shape, size, wood work, and its weight around 7lbs and I was allowed two shots in the range , then I went home and that evening I looked for a review on the rifle which I found on the .177 calibre and being I was in the process of changing to using .177 calibre at the time I put in a order and within a few days in-fact I received it within 48 hours. On opening the box, I found the rifle to be very well built and it has a excellent wood shaped stock, and I found the trigger to operate just like a target trigger excellent  to break the barrel for loading is quite easy and not at all difficult at all to get the full cocking action out of the piston, spring, and trigger lock up before shooting again nice and smooth on test at the local  range it was producing sniper type accuracy at its 35 yard zero.

Using JSB Exact 8.4gns  producing 780fps = 11.35 ft/lbs
RWS Superdomes 8.2 gns  producing  782 fps = 11.27 ft/lbs
Falcon Plus  7.8 gns  producing  828 fps = 11.17 ft/lbs

The Walther Terrus  in .177 calibre in my opinion is a fantastic made rifle and extremely accurate, it will make a first class hunting rifle and a top end H.F.T. and F.T. rifle its got the accuracy with out the unwanted weight 7lbs mark, a lot of rifles out there are on the heavy side for open field hunting when a lot of walking is needed and a heavy rifle can be a nightmare to carry & shoot, but I have found the Walther Terrus and the combo I have mounted to it scope, mounts, and silencer  its my ideal hunting rifle.
The photo is to show the group I got 40 yards, when the rifle is zeroed for 35 yards, in other words to hit the centre of the cross at 40 yards it will only take 1 Mil-Dot under to hit the centre of the cross/bulls eye from this more or less nice flat trajectory produced by the hot shooting Walther Terrus .177 calibre.

Another Winner from Walther.

Kind Regards
Neil Edwards

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